Stella Zotis Fashion Show at Penn Station February 2011 Fashion Week

New York designer Stella Zotis presents her creative visions at Penn Station, NYC to kick off Fashion Week 2011.
The First Ever Fashion Show at Penn Station presented by LIRR and the MTA.

Bringing her custom Rock Regalia to the people in the underground, Stella talks about her design inspiration and what one should wear after the apocalypse. Comments from passersby and commuters who LOVE THE LEATHER!



  1. Miz Katastrophe · June 19, 2011

    Love it!!! It was an honor to model in this amazing event 🙂

  2. Orys · June 22, 2011

    Stella, all the best!!!
    You rock babe!!!!

    Tio (from little Cyprus)

  3. Suntan oil · June 25, 2011

    She is soooooo coool! Her confidence is amazingly beautiful!

  4. JennyTheArtist · December 3, 2014

    i’m watching you on Project Runway & I am so in love with your style. I am a “biker chick” and crave your fashions. Do you sell online or do custom work via online??

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