“New York Cool” Fashion Week Feb 2010 Runway Show Recap & Review

Stella B. Zotis Now 

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Stella B Zotis Design

Fashion Designer Stella B Zotis
February Fashion Show at the Bryant Park Hotel

When thinking of Project Runway Season 5 contestant Stella Zotis, the first thing that comes to everyones mind is “leathuuuuuh”, but Stella Zotis is more than just a rock and roll fashion goddess. Though leather is her signature fabric, she appeals to more than just the Rock and Roll community. With Project Runwaynow in the past, Zotis has new goals like having her designs sold at Bergdorf Goodman. Using her rough and tough design aesthetic, Stella is making feminine couture pieces with a punk rock edge. What makes her pieces stand out is the craftsman ship that she puts into them. All of the studding, grommeting, and lacing are all done by hand. Working with genuine leather isn’t easy! Aside from embellishments, Stella also focuses on fit, which was one of her main concerns while choosing models for the Women’s Mafia Show at the Bryant Park Hotel on February 17, 2010 (the other designer showing at the Women’s Mafia show was Alisha Trimble).

Stella B Zotis Fitting a Model
Backstage at the Bryant Park Hotel

Most interesting about Zotis is that she lives in her workspace. Surrounded by photo’s taken by Mick Rock, records, art, and her dog Zues, Stella fills her every day surroundings with what inspires her. As impressive as her background is with her stint on Project Runway and designing for Debbie Harry. Fashion has never looked this bad ass.

Stella B. Zotis and Models on the Runway
Bryant Park Hotel

Stella B Zotis Design on the Runway
Bryant Park Hotel

Stella B Zotis Design

Daniel Feld and Kenley Collins from Project Runway

The Lineup